Build Your Global Community with Wisetail Multi-Language Solutions

Wisetail’s Multi-Language management solution gives organizations the ability to communicate to every learner with ease. From expanding DEI initiatives to scaling learning initiatives globally, Wisetail’s Multi-Language capability is designed to make creating, managing, and permissioning content easier. And – with built-in translation capabilities – learners can engage with one another to create a more collaborative and connected community.

Multilingual Content Management

Manage translated content – across your team. Permission multilingual content to international team members. With all content housed into a single text block, admins can spend more time on the learning strategy and measuring its effectiveness.

Bulk Language Management

Streamline your processes and ensure no learner is left behind with the ability to manage large volumes of translated content with Wisetail’s bulk management for Multi-Language.

Learner-To-Learner Dynamic Translation

Build a global community and create social learning opportunities with dynamic translation capabilities that allow learners to view and post comments in their selected language.

Inclusive Environment

Create opportunities for every learner when you allow them to engage in their preferred language—improving the overall learning efficacy and platform engagement.

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