Rachael Harlow

One of Rachael’s first jobs was scooping ice cream in a shop in the heart of Montana’s dinosaur country. The shop had a museum next door where patrons could touch a fossilized thigh bone from a duck-billed dinosaur. Paleontologists would swing by for lemonade after days in the sun searching for new fossils.

The connection to the distant past spawned a lifelong love of learning, and of history, in Rachael. She collects hardbound books from the turn of the century, admiring the craftsmanship and glimpse into the past the books offer.

Rachael’s learning path took her through Montana State University’s architecture program before she ended up at the Montana Code School, where she learned a bit of modern craftsmanship and graduated as a full stack web developer. Rachael joined Wisetail shortly thereafter as a front-end developer.

Outside of work you’re likely to find Rachael out hunting for antiques or exercising her passion for helping people get back on their feet by volunteering with Gallatin Valley Family Promise.