Where did you come from? How did you find your human(s)? I was born in Sheridan, MT. When my adopted parents came to meet me and my siblings, I fell asleep on my adopted dad’s foot because I was very tired. When I woke up, I couldn’t stop smiling and playing with my new parents.

How long have you been with your human(s)? 1.75 years

What’s your favorite activity? Retrieving tennis balls is super fun. I also love hiking, swimming and backcountry skiing.

Something you might now know about me: I learned how to shake when I was one and a half years old.

I am a critical team member at Wisetail. My title is: Chief Cuteness Officer

In one sentence, what do you bring to Wisetail? I bring lots of love and smiles to work everyday.

When I’m not at Wisetail, you’ll find me…. Following my dad around wherever he goes. Murdoch’s is my favorite store. Snowfill Dog Park is the BEST PLACE EVER!

What is your humans name? Mike Davis.

Breed: English Yellow Labrador

Gender: Female

Birthday: 3/26/16