Elizabeth Whitbread

A couple fun facts about Elizabeth: she shares a name with Whitbread Brewery, one of England’s largest breweries at the end of the 18th and 20th centuries (now a multinational hospitality business); and she first came to Wisetail as a consultant helping to guide the company through its acquisition by Alchemy Systems.

Though she now lives in Austin, Texas, the West is in Elizabeth’s blood. She was born and raised primarily in Jackson, Wyoming before moving on to bigger and better things—like a degree in finance, a graduate certificate in accounting, and a masters in business intelligence.

When Elizabeth is not around the office, more often than not you’ll find her with her husband and daughter, along with their Italian greyhound and pet rabbit. She also harbors the quiet fantasy of being a world-renowned pilates instructor.

Wisetail LMS Controller, Elizabeth Whitbread.