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Transforming the Frontline,

An all-in-one solution optimized to create, share, and track data-driven mobile experiences for frontline teams.  

Your Knowledge Resources, Simplified.

With help from the most forward-thinking brands, together, we are simplifying how you manage your training and resources to help frontline teams learn, grow, and do -- anytime, anywhere.

, Efficiently

Grow and
Retain Top Talent

that Impact
your Bottom Line

A better mobile learning experience

by Wisetail

Onboard and train teams faster through learning pathways built to make learning easy and fun from any device.

Build, track, and do more with OnTrack

by Wisetail

Drive accountability around the activities that move work forward with checklists that bring learning, and doing together.

A smarter way to discover information

by PlayerLync

Improve performance with quick access to up-to-date resources on the job anytime and everywhere, no more than two taps away.

Share and manage knowledge

by PlayerLync

Easily manage access and content on devices across your organization from anywhere ensuring content is up-to-date, even when off-line.

Experiences That Go to Work For You

Stay Connected, Even Offline

Sync, share, and update mobile resources seamlessly – delivering the right content at the right time, online and off.

Data that Drives Results

Visualize data to see learning trends and opportunities. Aggregate data to see how learning impacts across your organization seamlessly with BI integration.

Personalized Mobile Learning

With better talent retention, enhance team performance and accelerate ROI – all through a dynamic learning journey that shapes the user experience.

Execution Done Right, Every Time

Ensure teams consistently do the right thing at the right time, by reinforcing behaviors that strengthen knowledge and deliver best-in-class outcomes.

Quick Access to Resources

Promote accessibility of knowledge through easily discoverable resources that create customer-centric experiences - anytime, anywhere.

Cultivate Connections

Share and grow team knowledge through communication and collaboration tools.

...available to employees
at the time of need.

In order to accelerate the productivity of team members, retain valuable talent, and reach higher profitability, it is imperative that the right information - whether it's training, referencing resources, or general communication materials - is available to employees at the time of need. The ability to access content, complete tasks, make data driven decisions (whether streaming or offline) should be core to employee experiences, not merely a nice thing to have.

Evan Melick

- Vice President of Product -

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