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A Learning Management Solution for Construction Training and Compliance

Mitigate risk effectively with a training and operations solution built to ensure every team member - from office to field - is in compliance. 

Mitigate Construction Risk

Build a Reputation on 
Ethics, Efficiency, and Experience

Wisetail’s learning and operational checklist solution allows you to efficiently deliver information to your team and hold them accountable to the tasks and processes that keep your operations running safely and smoothly - including suppliers or subcontractors.

Mitigate Construction Risk

Inform Through Learning

When you are a project driven organization, you need a solution for on-site crews, office teams, subcontractors, and partners to reference communications, safety compliance certifications, and more.

Create a culture of safety with a learning management system built to ensure every team member - from the office to the crews and subcontractors in field - stay compliant. 

Know Your Numbers

Increase Profit Margins

Identify potential training gaps and mitigate risks with automated reporting and enrollments. Manage day-to-day activities quickly through collaborative checklists and corrective actions.

Stronger Foundations

Built With Efficiency in Mind

Efficiently deliver training information to every project team member, in their preferred language, ensuring your operations are running safely and in compliance with Wisetail learning and operational checklist platform.

Three snapshots of Wisetail LMS; first is a dialog communications board with a title reading "Now@ Moving Up: Interested in a promotion, but not sure where to start? Check in here – and celebrate others." Second is a window showing Enrollment, with text above a dropdown menu reading "Time to Complete: Countdown from enrollment date, Due date, or Recommended (No Due Date)." Third is a notifications inbox, with three notifications and one preview – the notifications read "You've earned a badge", "Your enrollment is due soon," and "New Enrollments"

Cost Effectiveness

Reduce Costs

Reduce lost time and productivity by providing your teams with the resources to complete every job safely with customized, job-specific learning.

align communications + goals

Increase Productivity

In the field, job trailers, or out of their truck - supply your crews with a centralized solution that promotes learning and vital organizational wide communications.

Your Best Assets

Increase Trust

Build a culture of accountability through learning and operations. Reduce your Total Recordable Incident Rate and foster trust among your clients, partners, and employees.

two overlays of ontrack product showing schedule details of scheduling a checklist, and setting up recurring schedule. you can choose date/time, reucrrence, location, multiple checklists, and a cadence.


See How the Best Get to Work

Our clients track and measure their L&D strategy so it aligns with KPIs. See how they add humor and creativity to training and communications to build robust do-it-all systems.

burrito bowl with fork on yellow background next to lumina foods logo

Lumina Foods

Lumina Foods, the parent of four food service companies, implemented their LMS as an efficient one-stop-shop for training modules and team resources.

Link Property Management

Learn how Link Property Management instituted an innovative and fun employee recognition program using their LMS.

bagel brands logo and multiple bagels in picture

Bagel Brands

Bagel Brands refined its onboarding and training methods using its LMS, and created a people-centric approach for building closer relationship with employees.

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