Connect your people with data that engages, empowers, and improves frontline performance.

Wisetail Operations allows you to mitigate brand risk with greater certainty than ever before. Our platform ensures brand standards are met at every point in daily operations, from menu items and equipment maintenance to task logs and location management. This real-time data provides critical insight into multi-site organizational performance, and allows for a deeper understanding of the key performance indicators that drive your organization.

How It’s Done



Wisetail Operations captures an electronic record of all your crucial operations tasks, ensuring compliance and reporting capabilities.



Eliminate team member uncertainty around off-standard instances by defining solutions that adhere to compliance and brand standards.



Robust user management and role permissioning fit advanced hierarchical organizations with a global presence, as well as simple structures.



Easily visualize all actions—down to individual line items—to create benchmarks and keep business units and regions moving forward.

Integrated Operations Tools

We built Wisetail Operations to meet the needs of the largest and most recognizable brands in the industry. Their feedback helped shape our product, as we helped them better manage front and back of house performance while strengthening brand standards.

a close up of the chicken bucket from kfc a client of wisetail

“Our data-driven operations solution furthers our holistic approach to helping our partners grow and succeed. Wisetail Operations is a natural extension of our traditional business and leverages everything we’ve learned about corporate training to help our partners deliver on their brand promises.”

Ali KnappPresident, Wisetail

Key Features of Wisetail Operations


Enterprise Grade Deployments

Manage organizational complexities on a global scale whilst ensuring regional compliances are controlled and distributed locally.

Simplify Organizational Complexity

Active hierarchy management ensures your brand is delivering on its promise around the world.


Scale Growth

Wisetail Operations offers rapid turnaround time for content internationalization and deployment to enable rapid stand up of new regions.

Multiple Languages

Enable each team member to engage with customized content in more than 18 different languages to unlock the power of your brand.


Reporting Simplified

Out-of-the-box reports and dashboards support analysis of operational data. Trend indicators provide actionable insights to mitigate risk and reduce cost inefficiencies to further support your brand vision.

Unlock Success

Mitigate the risks of global enterprises with detailed insights and complex business intelligence reporting that aligns with your brand strategy.